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Jun 16, 2021

paper hands

panic selling of BitClout or creator coin at the first sign of price decrease

I lost like $500 in potential profit for not holding long enough, fuken paper hands trader I am.

Jun 15, 2021


to make a hasty investment decision, often without doing a proper research, driven by the "primitive instincts" (hence the primate reference)

I don’t think the bots are working. Changed FR from 100 to zero and no one aped in.

Jun 14, 2021


BitClout user who is a a bit too obsessed with trading BitClout and creator coins and likes to participate in high risk FR games and pumps and dumps

Maybe I'm being full degen but do you have a BitClout coin price-time chart?

Jun 13, 2021

FR game

campaign in which creator announces that they're going to decrease their founder's reward in an attempt to attract more investors and raise their coin price

If you're doing FR game and people are on average making money then you are doing your FR game wrong.

Jun 12, 2021

diamond hands

HODLing BitClout or creator coin even when the prices are falling or resisting the urge to sell when the prices are going up and waiting for even greater gains

I'd be happy to take some profit now but literally can't sell so diamond hands it is.

Jun 11, 2021


noun, promoted BitClout content verb, to promote BitClout content

I casted something, and @diamondhands wound up reclouting it!

Jun 10, 2021

founder's reward

or FR, is the amount of BitClout a creator gets paid when somebody buys their coin, set as percentage of total amount bought

The founder's reward was changed to being paid out in BitClout instead of your own creator coin.

Jun 9, 2021


content with big promises or incentives to attract the audience, which turn out to be underwhelming

His post was pure cloutbait. I reclouted, commented and liked; and he only gave me one diamond.

Jun 8, 2021

pump and dump

artificial inflation of creator coin price by making false or misleading statements with the intention of selling later at higher price

Bots and anonymous accounts are doing lots of pumps and dumps.

Jun 7, 2021


accounts that are automated to do activity on BitClout, including clouting and trading creator coins

I forgot to change my FR to 100% and the bots got in there first and bought my coin! coin!

Jun 6, 2021

clout / reclout

BitClout's equivalent of post / repost

Reclout for diamonds!

Jun 5, 2021


tip paid in a creator coin one creator can gift to another by clicking a diamond button, used to show appreciation or as an incentive to engage audience

Giving 5 diamonds away to the best comment!

Jun 4, 2021

creator coin

or CC, is a currency asset that is attached to every account and tied to BitClout coin price, enabling other users to invest in given creator by buying their coin

I wish the creator coins were tied to USD instead of BitClout.

Jun 3, 2021

deflation bomb

June 12th 2021, day when printing of new BitClout coins was stopped and supply has been fixed forever at ~11M

Prepare for the Deflation Bomb...

Jun 2, 2021

buy the dip

seeing the drop in price of creator coin or BitClout as an investment opportunity and believing it will bounce back

Sell on the rips, buy on the dips!

Jun 1, 2021


being skeptical that certain creator coin or BitClout itself will increase in value

I am generally bearish on major influencers joining.

May 31, 2021


being optimistic that certain creator coin or BitClout itself will increase in value

He's even more bullish on BitClout than I am.

May 30, 2021


also referred to as fish, is an account or creator who holds negligible amounts of BitClout and is often at the mercy of market manipulations by bigger accounts (whales)

Some big boys dumped and the minnows got scared.

May 29, 2021

The Clown

BitClout philanthropist who sends his coin to everybody and spreads positive vibes throughout the community

The Clown: I just blessed your wallet.

May 28, 2021


strategy to hold an investment for a long time, regardless of price changes, the term originates from the typo of the word hold on a Bitcoin forum

If you aren't prepared to HODL, then you probably shouldn't be here.

May 27, 2021

genesis account

account that was created as a part of the first block of data in the blockchain and is most likely a member of the core team or BitClout investor

We know that Da5id is a genesis account and possibly one of the first on the platform.

May 26, 2021


situation when creator coin or BitClout currency is rapidly and substantially increasing in price, other common forms of this expression are the verb moon or the phrase To the moon!

BitClout will moon within months. We are all mooning together, because we are all early adopters.

May 25, 2021


account or creator who holds such large amount of BitClout assets it enables them to manipulate the market

A massive whale has joined the platform.

May 24, 2021

rug pull

malicious maneuver where creator sells all their coin and runs away with investors' funds

He rug pulled again!


a way to exchange regular money to BitClout

The biggest feature BitClout can add is a fiat onramp for new users to purchase BTCLT directly with cash.


voluntarily locking up creator coins, that serve to validate BitClout transactions and for which the creator receives rewards, an alternative to mining

Staking could be a great way for creators to have an additional income.


process of adding new blocks to the blockchain by validating transactions

After 15 days of mining BitClout I stopped my rigs.


to excessively and enthusiastically promote certain creator or BitClout

Shill me ur fav NFT projects!


short for non-fungible token, a token used as a digital proof of ownership of certain assets (e.g. digital art) to make them tradable digitally

Top 20 coin holders of our coin will be a part of a screenshot that will be minted into a NFT.


process of creation of new creator coins or BitClout coins

It's Friday and we're saying GOODBYE to minting new BitClout.


short for decentralized finance, financial ecosystem build on top of the blockchain technology

DeFi will do to Fintech what Ecommerce did to bricks & mortar.


a way to exchange BitClout for regular money

I've deposited Bitcoin into BitClout because I believe there will be an offramp.